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Kyanite Crystal Pet Charm

Kyanite Crystal Pet Charm

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Introducing the Kyanite Crystal Pet Charm, the ultimate bling for your four-legged BFFs. This charm is not just a fashion statement, it's a symbol of friendship and tranquility. It's perfect for those sensitive souls who need a little extra zen in their lives.

And let's not forget about practicality! The stainless steel lobster claw ensures that this charm will stay securely fastened to your fur baby's collar or harness, no matter how rambunctious they get. Plus, it's small enough to adorn the necks of cats, dogs, and even those mysterious other furry friends we all secretly want.

Rest assured, our charms are absolutely non-toxic because our fur babies deserve only the best. Say goodbye to boring pet accessories and hello to a stylish and serene pet companion with the Kyanite Crystal Pet Charm!

*Disclaimer: Due to the random selection process, there may be slight variations in color, design, pattern, or other aesthetic features compared to the images provided on our website or in marketing materials.

*Remember though, while this charm is pretty magical, it's not meant to be a substitute for proper medical care. If your pet needs some TLC, don't forget to make a visit to the vet. They're the real paw-some experts when it comes to taking care of our four-legged friends!

Portion of proceeds benefit rescue animals. This month we're supporting Happy Cats Haven in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

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