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Fluorite Crystal Pet Charm

Fluorite Crystal Pet Charm

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Introducing the Fluorite Crystal Pet Charm - your furry friend's new BFF (Best Fluff Forever)! This magical charm combines peace, positivity, and heart-opening vibes for your fur baby, and is especially great for your senior pet.

Our Fluorite Crystal Pet Charm is not only stylish but also practical. The stainless steel lobster claw ensures it stays securely attached to any collar or harness. No more disappearing charms during zoomies!

And fret not, fur parents! Our charms are non-toxic, keeping your precious fur babies safe and sound. Suitable for cats, dogs, and all other fluffy companions. Get ready to sprinkle some good vibes on your four-legged pals with the Fluorite Crystal Pet Charm!

**The size of these charms are best suited for bigger coming soon!

*Disclaimer: Due to the random selection process, there may be slight variations in color, design, pattern, or other aesthetic features compared to the images provided on our website or in marketing materials.

*Remember, while this charm is full of positive vibes, it's not a substitute for proper medical care. If your pet needs medical attention, make sure to visit your vet. They'll be able to work their magic too!

Portion of proceeds benefit rescue animals. This month we're supporting Happy Cats Haven in Manitou Springs, Colorado.

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